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  • Photon will always fully process your RAW data so you can be sure you’re seeing every pixel of your image.
  • Photon’s intelligent caching engine automatically switches between rendering full RAW data and loading JPEG previews.
  • Pop in a memory card or load files from your hard drive, and Photon starts rendering your images instantly.
  • History

    Green Volcano Software, LLC was founded in 2007 by Mike Bernardo with the goal of building great software applications for the Mac OS X and iPhone platforms.

    Green Volcano’s first product, Photon, was released in November 2007.

    iPhone fever infected Green Volcano headquarters, and in February 2009 Mike released his first iPhone application – Flickit, a photo uploading application for

    Who is Green Volcano

    Mike is the founder and sole developer of all of Green Volcano’s products. He runs all aspects of Green Volcano Software – from coding to design to tech support.

    He caught the programming bug at an early age when got hold of an Atari 800XL in elementary school and taught himself BASIC. Computer code has been flying off his fingers ever since. His love affair for the Mac was sparked a few years later when he got hold of a Mac SE.

    After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University in Boston, Mike spent several years with startups riding the ups and downs of the Web technology rollercoaster. He settled down for a while at Avid Technology, where he worked on fancy video editing software for Mac and Windows.

    In 2008 Mike decided to strike out on his own and focus on what he loves doing best: coding for Mac OS and iPhone. He is currently splitting his time between consulting projects and enhancing and building new products for Green Volcano Software.

    When he’s not writing about himself in the 3rd person, you can usually find Mike behind the lens of a DSLR snapping photos of his friends and family.

    My mind is still boggling at how much time Photon saves me in my photo workflow. - user review

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